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Samsung Smart Switch PC is an easy to use tool that manages through the complete data transferring from other devices or PC/ Mac to your Samsung Smartphone or Tablet. The tool receives time to time updates bringing the highest device and firmware compatibility to keep data transferring easier. You can follow our guide to get Smart Switch PC, Smart Switch APK and for Mac separately through the latest available options. And yes, all these are completely free.

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Samsung Smart switch download

Why do you need
Samsung Smart Switch?

You can restore iPhone backup from iCloud to your Samsung Galaxy using Smart Switch. Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Events, Wi-Fi settings, Alarms, Browser bookmarks and Call history are supported for transfer via Smart Switch from iCloud.


Samsung Switch will duplicate all your files and settings between Samsung devices. It's super easy to start using your new device within few minutes. Need to download Smart switch on both mobile devices.


You can also keep the full backup of your Samsung Galaxy on your desktop PC with Smart switch. Either restore on a new device or restore on previous devices in case of emergency.


Step Guide on Samsung Smart Switch APK Download

If you are willing to upgrade your older device to a new, the most important thing goes around getting all your older content safely on the new device. And with no trouble, get into Samsung Smart Switch APK Download to experience seamless transferring. It is simply about Download Smart Switch App on devices, pairing the devices and transfer all content to the new Galaxy device.

  • Download Samsung Smart Switch on both the Android devices
  • If you already have the Smart Switch App on your device, make sure you have the updated version (tap update and then accept the installation)
  • When the installation is over, launch and agree with the terms and conditions
  • For auto pairing, keep the devices in close proximity to each other
  • Select “Android” from both the devices
  • Select files and share with each other by accepting the connection from the receiving Samsung Galaxy device

Note: if you find any error with auto pairing, you can try manual pairing. With the attempt to auto pairing, you will see a message with a PIN. from the other device, select connect manually option and enter the PIN to connect


Compatible Devices

Samsung Smart Switch is compatible through a wide array of devices. And for the most useful fact, here the program supports through Smart Switch PC and Samsung Smart Switch mobile supporting Android (including non-Samsung devices too), Mac OS and Windows. Simply you can transfer any data from any device to New Samsung Galaxy to upgrade. Almost all of the Samsung Galaxy devices are confirmed compatible through Smart Switch. But by region and the operator, there could be changes. So make sure you verify the support before making any data transferring. You can get any data from any Android , Windows PC or Mac to new Galaxy in a flash.

Almost all the Galaxy devices are confirmed supported through Samsung Smart Switch. And you can send any files like images, documents, audio files, video files or anything from a non-Samsung device to your new Galaxy through this amazingly easy utility.


Smart Switch PC and Mobile Specs:

  • Smart Switch Mobile- Android 4.o or later
  • Smart Switch for Windows PC - Windows 7 or later (Windows 7, 8. 8.1 and 10)
  • Smart Switch for Mac- Mac OS X 10.5 or upper

Samsung Smart Switch latest versions

Samsung Smart Switch APK v3.6.06.10 is now updated as the latest with highest device and firmware compatibility. As of July 16th 2019, v3.6.06.10 has updated to the user as the Android update which requires Android 4.0 or upper as the system requirement. And for Mac OS, Samsung Smart Switch v4.2.1.18125.2 is the latest as of the update a few months ago while 4.2.19071.4 is latest compatible version through Windows. Smart Switch Windows version has updated recently together with the mobile tool version update.

You can always rely on the latest tool versions as they are with improved support. And all these versions are coming free to the user either in mobile or PC support.

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