Samsung Bixby Android - about APK Mobile version

Bixby voice commands work with a select, growing number of third-party apps; see Apps with Voice in Bixby for a list of compatible apps. Bixby requires Samsung Account and data network. Voice commands recognize English (US), Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), and etc.

  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Android 7.0 or later


About Samsung Bixby Android

You know, Bixby is one of the strongest selling points of Samsung Galaxy S8 series which can interact with every corner of the device making things simpler and just away from a voice command. But that is not just limited to those who upgrade to Galaxy S8. Bixby Android can be downloaded and installed on any Samsung Galaxy device that runs Android Nougat. Like Samsung’s next-generation virtual Assistant, Bixby Download is no more limited to the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. With only a little try you can Download Bixby on any Samsung Galaxy device to experience its unique tricks. But make sure your device is running Android 7.0 Nougat to have Bixby Download.
So long as your Samsung Galaxy device is on a version of Android Nougat, you have Bixby android Download support. And the best part of here is that you do not need to root your Android, have a custom firmware installed or any hack to get Bixby Download here. So it is simpler and smarter. This only needs the new launcher of the Galaxy S8 and Bixby Android app. Note: As to the users, the experience of Bixby Download is not fully smooth. So make sure you take extra care about the run and the entire guidelines on Bixby Download

bixby for Android

What is the Bixby Home App?

Bixby Home App is the latest trend of Virtual Assistant technology that comes serving for Samsung. Samsung Bixby Download was not available from the very beginning of the Samsung device chapter. It can be called a new feature available from sometimes back. That is only to work on Samsung devices that support running Android 7.0 or higher operating system versions. Bixby Home App is free as Samsung’s official virtual Assistant.
There may be troubles in your attempts to connect with Bixby Voice or Bixby Vision. But here you have no time to worry as you have Bixby Home. Simply swipe left or press the Bixby button to enter the tailored preferences which takes everything from news to suggested apps, contacts, and all. And even if you want to track fitness or just to know about the weather, Bixby Home is ready.
You can continue with adding items on Bixby Home by simply tapping the three dots in the right upper corner of the screen. You can then hit on cards and choose what you need from what appears on the feed for you.

Bixby APK- Quick Apps

What are the main app permissions required for Samsung Bixby Android:

Managing through Samsung Bixby Android Permissions is important to make the full use of Bixby Download. And here it is important to note that you could not deny the permissions. If we take Bixby Voice, for example, it takes the permissions for contacts, microphone, location, SMS, storage, and also the phone. And if you have ever tried for its controls, there’s no way to disable. So changing permissions here is limited.

How to use Samsung Bixby Android?

Having Bixby Download, you can interact with your device more smartly. Bixby Android is designed by Samsung to carry out a massive range of smart interactions. So it is not just like launching an app, taking on a task, etc. One of the best Bixby Features is its ability to recognize natural language which has also been a top known specification in Alexa. Bixby Download takes the right action to what you request. And even it is incomplete, Samsung Bixby Android could make it complete for you by identifying you and your commands orderly. Bixby learns voices separately. So it will personalize responses with respectively who asks. As to Samsung’s words, Bixby learns, evolves, and adapts just for you.

Bixby Voice:

Bixby Voice can be opened simply by holding the Bixby button. And the other way simply says, “Hi Bixby”. Here to activate your voice service with your Bixby Download, you must first register your voice. If you are trying it for the first time, it will ask you to say “Hi Bixby” several times to keep track of your voice. And once done, you can start with Bixby Download asking basic questions like how is the weather, what is movie time, make a call to a certain contact or anything. So you can read emails, set reminders, make calls, or do anything hands-free. That is not all that Bixby Download offers, it also supports through more advanced commands. So ask Bixby to upload a new picture on Instagram, rate your Uber driver, make a new album on Facebook, and do more similar. And also with apps, you can have Bixby Download to bring more user interactions. For example, you can check the full list of available apps for Bixby Download here by simply, pressing the Bixby button > tap the three dots > select Tutorials > What Bixby can do > and finally see all services.

Bixby Vision:

Bixby Vision is another amazing feature in the list that makes your Digital assistant closer to you. You can access Bixby Vision directly from the app or go to Bixby Vision once you open the Camera. And having this through Bixby Download, you can identify objects, animals with no trouble. Bixby owns a vast database of knowledge to easily match an image with a search result. And thankfully, you can interact with Bixby Vision in more than one way.
Bixby helps you with translating text, detects images, scan QR codes, locates nearby spots, get shopping grades from the major stores, find food and get about its calories and nutrition value, and so many more. Just focus your camera on whatever you want in detail, Bixby will scan it and bring out the results easily. And one of the best features of Bixby Download is its makeup feature that could make you feel like you are using a Snapchat filter. Rather than buying some expensive makeup products, just asks Bixby Vision for Covergirl’s eyelashes or Sephora’s lipstick, you will get the perfect effect as Bixby here uses real-life makeup.

Bixby Home:

If you are not a fan of Bixby Voice or Vision features, but you still need the support of Bixby Download, you better take Bixby Home. Simply press Bixby Button or swipe left on the home screen to access. You will get the screen with completely custom-made preferences. So check the weather, contact someone, read texts, or anything easily here with Bixby Home. You can always expand your chances here by adding more cards.

Bixby Routines:

Bixby Routines is one latest addition to Bixby Features making more value on Bixby Download. By using the feature, you could set daily routines. So it automatically turns on at some times when you run the daily schedule. Just think that you used to turn on Maps when you get on the car, Bixby will learn that for you ad would make it easier by turning Maps on when you get on the car. Bixby learns, and keeps learning! So it will make your daily routines easier by learning your living pattern. And for now, the feature is only available on Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

Safety Notes to the user

Bixby Download is not complicated. But there are certain things you should follow to keep things in the right order. Make sure you know the facts before you make Bixby Download as for your virtual assistant.
Bixby identifies only the supported accents and dialects of English (US and UK), French (France), Italian (Italy), German (Germany), Korean (South Korea), Spanish (Spain), Mandarin Chinese (China), and Portuguese (Brazil). And as to the official note, more languages are yet to be supported.
Bixby brings unlimited smart experience to the user. But certain limitations are depending on the times you are using Bixby. Here we are bringing your attention over some most common situations you may find Bixby putting limitations on its functions.

Device and screen images simulate for certain graphic purposes depending on various factors. And the service accessibility could be altered with respectively the country, language, service provider, device variant, and the Android operating system version. Also here, Bixby features and content would available with respectively the country and language you are supported. When it comes to Bixby controls, it has access to selected apps only. So here, more apps are yet to be supported. And here you may notice some changes in the user interface too according to the device models. The Samsung Account log-in here required Wi-Fi or data network. And if you like to take the smart control through Bixby Download over other devices you need to have the devices registered with SmartThings by Samsung. Make sure you go for it!. Meet Bixby, Samsung’s next-generation Virtual Assistant!