About Samsung Smart Switch Android

Smart Switch Android is a very smart utility by Samsung for transferring data to any Samsung Galaxy from another Samsung or none-Samsung device. and for the interesting fact, the tool supports through Samsung Smart Switch PC being compatible through both Windows and Mac. So simply, this is a great free solution to share files and upgrade your new Galaxy. And of course we know all content from the device older is the heart of the new device. So we recommend you to Download Samsung Smart Switch Android to get into 100% wireless experience supporting a wide array of devices. No matter from which platform you are importing data to the new Galaxy, Samsung Smart Switch Android will keep the process successful in the wireless way. It is quicker, smarter and extremely safer.

  • Android
  • PC
Samsung Smart switch download

What can you transfer via Smart Switch Mobile APK?

Simply, Samsung Smart Switch Android supports to transfer any data from or to the new Galaxy. So they are as Contacts, messages, Music, Photos, Calendar (only the device content), videos, memos, call logs, alarms, documents, wallpapers, WiFi, app data (only for Galaxy devices), Home layouts (only for Galaxy devices) and all. But make sure you are confident on what content you share on what devices as some files are allowed to share only between some devices.


Device compatibility for Samsung Smart Switch APK

Smart Switch is specifically made to transfer data to or from your Galaxy. So one of the devices involved in the transferring needs to be a Samsung Galaxy. And thanks to the compatibility updates, Samsung Smart Switch Android supports almost all galaxy devices from Galaxy S2. And of course you have the support up to latest Samsung Galaxy S10.


On the other hand, many non-Samsung devices are also supported with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile version. So you can send or receive data from or to other Android devices like LG, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Xiaomi, Google (pixel / pixel2), Cherry mobile, Vivo, OPPO, MyPhone and many more. So no matter what your older device is, you can now connect both older and new Galaxy devices to Samsung Smart Switch Android version and get your files transferred in seconds.


Additional note: Samsung Smart Switch supports to send files from Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows PC or Mac to the new Galaxy. So it is with multiple techniques and uses to the user and specially in support to upgrade the new Galaxy with all the older content


    For Android:

  • Wired transferring requires Android 4.3 or upper
  • Wireless transferring required Android 4.0 and upper

    For iOS:

  • Wired transfer allowed from iOS5.0 or upper
  • To import from iCloud, iOS 4.2.1 or higher required together with Apple ID

    For Blackberry:

  • Blackberry OS 7 or 10 (Mobile AP) for wireless transferring
  • Wired transferring allowed for Blackberry OS 7 or 10

    For Blackberry:

  • Windows 8.1 or 10 for wireless transfers

Smart Switch APK- Quick Apps

  • Free to download
  • Latest version- v3.6.06.10 (updated as of 16th July 2019)
  • App size- 28 M
  • System requirement Android 4.0 or upper
  • Offered by Samsung Electronics

What are the main app permissions required for Samsung Smart Switch Android:

  • Contacts- Contact data are transferred
  • Phone- Utilized in order to transfer call data
  • SMS- Utilized to transfer all SMS data
  • Calendar- To transfer calendar data
  • Storage- In order to save all the files been involved in the transferring
  • Microphone- For high-frequency audio to check through available Galaxy devices nearby
  • Location- Utilized to make successful connections between devices through Bluetooth

These are all of the basic app permission required to manage through Samsung Smart Switch Android version for wireless data sharing between devices. And in case if your system version is lower the Android 6.0, make sure you update the software in order to configure through App permissions. To reset previously accessed app permissions, follow up Apps menu from the setting once the software update is over.


Safety Notes to the user

Note to the user: there could be compatibility issues at certain conditions. So if you get consistently fail with connections to the device or installing Samsung Smart Switch APK, you need to try some troubleshooting tips

  • To transfer data with Samsung Smart Switch Android, both the devices require a minimum of 500 MB space available in the internal storage
  • For the wired connections like Samsung Smart Switch PC the USB option “Transferring media files (MTP)” is thoroughly required
  • For those who are trying on transferring data to the Galaxy from a different Android (non-Samsung) and get continuous failures from the wireless connection. You need the following changes,
    • Go to advanced WiFi on the device
    • Disable the option “WiFi initialize”
    • Then turn off “Disconnect low WiFi signal” option too
    • Now give a try

(Due to different device manufacturers and operating system version, these options may not find in the same way. So consider the fact before you are getting through the app experience)

How to use Samsung Smart Switch Android?

It is extremely easy to get Samsung Smart Switch Android and process through file transferring. And when it comes to the mobile APK, you only need connecting the devices through the same network and share files between. Follow the steps guide here and upgrade your new galaxy in the easiest way. And if you already have the Smart Switch App on your device, you only need to make sure you have the updated version for the time being. So tap update and follow through the installation guide by accepting the terms and conditions.

  • Step 1: Get Samsung Smart Switch Android version on both the devices by checking the compatibility
  • Step 2: Soon once the installation is over, you need to agree with the terms and conditions of the app
  • Step 3: Try auto pairing, keep both the Android devices possibly close to each other
  • Step 4: You need to select “Android” then from both the devices
  • Step 5: Finally, select all the files you need to share and respectively follow send and receive options from the devices

Note: Due to different types and sizes of the files you share, Samsung Smart Switch Android version would take different time gaps. So have patience! And in case if you find any error with auto pairing, you can type the code for manual pairing


Over to you

Samsung Smart Switch Android is the best wireless data transfer solution you could ever have to get all important files on your new Galaxy and set up the device. So get the latest version for free and enjoy seamless transferring. And do not miss to leave us a comment.